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Branch Discussion on Anti-Semitism | Uplands Labour

At our May 2018 branch meeting, we invited local Labour member, Nick Guy, to lead a discussion on Anti-Semitism.  Nick described his mother`s story as a refugee from the Holocaust.  He made a few suggestions regarding the debate about anti-semitism in the Labour Party:

  1. The need to separate out criticism of actions of the Israeli Govt from anti-semitism
  2. The fact that many jewish people are very sensitive to comparisons being made with Hitler or the Nazis, so care needs to be taken when talking about the Holocaust.
  3. Swansea has a history of a range of Jewish people living here; Swansea Council has organised excellent events to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, aimed at schools and encompassing anti racism in general.
  4. The Labour Party should have a robust method of dealing more swiftly with allegations of anti-semitism.

There are ¾ million jewish people in the UK, and the branch meeting was held on  70th anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel (actually to the day; the date was May 14th – 1948) . Jewish community welcomed the gentle inclusive politics of Corbyn but unfortunately anti-semitism is on the rise.  Important but difficult to separate anti-semitism from legitimate criticism of Israel. There are three types of antisemitism : –

Prejudice – can be dealt with by educating members
Racism   – No option but to kick offending members out of party
Race hate – violent threats etc – this is a police matter

There followed a lively discussion among members.