This pages pulls together articles related to the issue of Traffic in Uplands and the wider Swansea area.

Parking Pains

We all know what our ideal parking scheme for Uplands and Brynmill would achieve, but the eternal problem is that any measures which push an unwanted group away (like the university's commuters) would have unintended consequences for a group we want to help (like...

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Coming Soon: “Living Streets”, Uplands!

“I’d love to see Gwydr Square in Uplands (where the Uplands Market takes place) turned into a pedestrian, no-traffic zone”, said an email I received from a resident in February this year, who had originally contacted me about general traffic concerns. If I had £1 for...

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Broadway Junction

The Broadway junction has been an area of known traffic congestion for many years.  Being such a key route for schools and colleges, the afternoon build up typically starts around 3pm on term time weekdays, creating problems for everyone, particularly those who rely...

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Traffic Outside Schools – What Do You Think?

Cllr Nick Davies has met with school staff, residents and PCSOs about the problems caused by traffic congestion in the streets surrounding Brynmill and Brynymor Schools, in Brynmill, and Oakleigh House School on Penlan Crescent and dropping off and picking up times....

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