Community & Social Enterprises

Community enterprises are run for the benefit of the community, by members of the community.  If you run (or know about) a social or community enterprise that should be on this page, please let us know!

Discovery Student Volunteering Service

Discovery Student Volunteering Service has been running at Swansea Uni for 51 years. We feel very lucky to have so many energetic, committed student volunteers here in Uplands. This busy organization contributes so much to Swansea, with many schemes running. Here are...

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Nobody else is going to do it, so, why don’t we?

How Uplands Market Came To Be Dr Ben Reynolds Christmas-time 2012, Noah’s Yard - rain lashing down outside, two (very nice) coffees in front of us and two urban regeneration consultants having their umpteenth conversation about how it would be great if someone would...

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