Here are some issues we’re working on at the moment.  Discussions with police are planned and we’ll publish further updates as progress is made:

We have had discussions with residents on Terrace Road who’ve been badly affected by repeated incidents of car vandalism.  We recognise there has been a spate of this all over the ward but this area is particularly bad.

We’ve also had chats with residents near the Uplands bars, affected by violence, drug dealing and other antisocial behaviour which is well beyond unacceptable levels.  We think a cumulative impact policy is needed here but we understand that to get police on board there need to be REPORTS so once again we are urging everyone to report, via 101, 999 or online, EVERY incident.

We are gathering advice from the council’s crime prevention officer as well as the police about what’s best to try in both these problem areas to improve safety.

We are opposing proposals for any further bars in Uplands; we have a petition, please contact us to sign although no doubt Peter and Irene will have one at the PACT meeting.

We’ve had complaints of vehicles parking very close to the end of Maple Grove, on Sketty Road.  This hampers visibility and cars often come very fast along Sketty Road.  Firstly, we understand that police can issue penalties if cars park too close to junctions, whether there are double yellow lines or not, and would be grateful for them to please use this power.  Secondly, we’d be grateful for some speed limit enforcement on Sketty Road.

We’ve been concerned about continuing diagonal parking in the loading bay and 1-hour parking bay outside Tesco, launderette, Celebrations.  This is unsafe, particularly for cylcists, as drivers can’t see when they’re reversing back onto the main road. We’ve asked traders to set a good example while we continue to wait for a legal Order to be sealed making diagonal parking here an enforceable offence.  We’ve asked council officers to speak with Deliveroo people about their drivers tending to do this in the evenings.  We also get a daytime problem here, when the bays are full, with vehicles double-parking and blocking the carriageway.  This causes chaos on this stretch of road and again, we’d be grateful for police support.

The disabled bay on Beechwood road near the car wash is being used very openly for regular drug dealing.  We know residents have reported this and we’d appreciate an update from police.