Our Party


The Uplands Branch of the Labour Party is one of five branches that make up the Swansea West Constituency, for which Geraint Davies is our MP in Westminster, and Julie James is our AM in the Welsh Assembly.  We have tripled our membership in recent times, from around 90 members to over 300.

So, if you’re one of our new members, thank you, and welcome!


Our Elected Representatives


Each branch can select a fixed number of candidates who stand for election as Local Councillors in Swansea Council.  As of May 2017, Uplands currently has two Labour Councillors (out of a possible four): Nick Davies and Mary Sherwood.  The other two council seats in Uplands are held by independent candidates.

Party Structure


Understanding the Party structure seems tricky at first, but when you get your head round it, it's actually pretty simple... honest!  Your branch is the grass roots of the Party.  When you join the Labour Party, you automatically become a member of your local branch.